Applying For Nursing School? Here's How To Make A Great Impression At The Interview

Applying For Nursing School? Here's How To Make A Great Impression At The Interview.

Applying For Nursing School? Here's How To Make A Great Impression At The Interview

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Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Are you planning to apply to a nursing school? Does the thought of the interview process make you a little nervous? There is no need to worry! The tips in this article were provided by nursing educators who have sat in on many interviews. They will help you make a great first impression and hopefully get into the school of your dreams!

#1. Show Them Your Best Self

You can really show off what you have to offer in an interview, particularly if you dont feel that you look like a strong applicant on paper. Most admissions committee members forget facts and figures, but they do remember the stories you tell and what you have to say. The interview allows you to show off your unique personality and gives you a chance to show why you would be a great addition to the program and to the nursing field.

#2. Remember That Interview Is Only Part Of The Process

Most people are nervous when they go into an interview, but you must remember that the educators are not trying to cross applicants off their list through this process. They simply want to meet you and talk about their program. Their questions are designed to help them understand how you would fit into the school. The interview is typically not going to be the defining factor as to whether or not you get into the nursing program; it is simply part of the process.

#3. Familiarize Yourself With Current Nursing Topics

Pour over nursing journals and reputable online sites to learn what is currently going on in the nursing world. You want to be able to discuss important issues, like diabetes, with ease. It is crucial that you are able to communicate about health issues, because you need to show that you can handle these topics with your own patients one day. If you’re interested in looking for work then Cavendish Professionals have a great selection.

#4. Learn About The Educational Institution

Before you go into the interview, learn as much as possible about the school that you are applying to. It is very important that you do your homework. You will not make a good impression if you ask questions and the answers to those questions can be easily found online. In particular, make sure you look up the nursing schools mission. Make sure that you tell at least one story in your interview that aligns with the mission of the educational institution you are applying to.

#5. Be Accountable

Tell the truth during your interview. Dont add on to a story with embellished facts to make it sound better. Be honest when discussing your grades and accomplishments in school. If there is something in your record that you are not proud of, you dont need to ignore it but you shouldnt harp on it either. The faculty members are going to look at your transcripts and at how well youve done on tests and other assessments. They will know if something is unusual; therefore, make sure you take accountability for any such discrepancies. Also, make sure not to brag when talking about yourself.

#6. Practice

You can expect certain questions at your interview. For example, it is very likely that you will be asked why you want to go into nursing. Think about your answers ahead of time so that you come across as articulate and intelligent.

Make sure that you dont just answer the question quickly and then move on. Give examples. For instance, if you say that you want to be a nurse because you would like to help people, talk about how you have already helped people in some way through your volunteer work or current job. You can also discuss any leadership roles that you have taken on.

Another question that you may hear is, "Discuss a problem that youve faced and how you solved that problem." Remember that there is not a "wrong" answer to this question; the interviewers want you to engage in critical thinking. Therefore, answer all the questions as honestly and accurately as you can.

#7. Be Professional

When you go into your interview, act as though you are applying for a job. If you dont know what to do in a job interview, do your research and learn how you need to dress and how you should appear when you go in. Of course, remember that eye contact is crucial.

In order to keep your stress levels down as much as possible, get to your interview early. Make sure you allow time for parking and walking to the interview spot. Have the phone number to the nursing school handy and call if there is a problem.

Do not bring food or drink into your interview. Make sure your cell phone is off. If you have children, find childcare for them and leave them at home.

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