Having a tour concert is one of the essentials of any artiste. This serves to not only promote your music but also to get to know your fans better, un


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Having a tour concert is one of the essentials of any artiste. This serves to not only promote your music but also to get to know your fans better, understand what exactly they want and learn about the type of audience you are targeting.

In order for the tour to be successful, you need one great tour crew. This article seeks to discuss the attributes you should look for when hiring a crew to go on tour with you and the easy steps involved in hiring one!

Even though concert tour contracts provide for the crew at all stops, it is important to have your own crew to travel with you from one venue to another. This local crew is invaluable because it has first-hand knowledge on your band, the show and all its equipment not forgetting that it is with you at all stops. However, finding your next concert tour crew can be a bit overwhelming. Herein are a few attributes that you should look for when hiring:

· Adaptable and flexible. Most of the times mishaps occur during the show, for instance, the sound system may not function as required. You will need somebody who can quickly deal with the situation at hand.

· Committed. The tour crew must consist of members who are willing to set aside their other business and experience the hustle of being on the road with you. They should stick with you until the very last leg of the tour.

· Skilled. One of the major essentials is a group of people who are familiar with the music equipment. This serves to ensure that your equipment will be properly handled with the utmost care and also run it quite effectively.

· Team players. A concert tour crew involves a large number of people. When hiring, make sure that the crew members are people who are likely to get along well with not only your band mates but also other managers so as to reduce any tension while on the road.

When looking to hire your crew, you can easily find one at a music website. There are hundreds of websites which avail crew members just waiting to be taken on board a tour. When you get to the website, you will be required to give specifications on the crew members you wish to hire. Such details include:

· The number of crew members.

· The number of days you are expected to be on tour.

· Any specific preference for the type of members you would like, for instance, one may state that he is looking for a crew member who is familiar with electronics.

After entering the necessary details, you will be notified of the total amount of money you are supposed to pay. Later on, you will get a chance to meet with the crew members through an agent, after which you will get to know them better and let them know when to start packing.


As an artist, performing from venue to venue during your tour is bound to be overwhelming. Always ensure that you have a reliable crew because at the end of the day it is your combined efforts that make the whole concert a success.


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