Is It Appropriate To Wear Wigs To The Office?

  Wigs were rarely perceived as an appropriate fashion accessory until recent times. Back in the day, wigs were limited to crazy costume parties, judges

Is It Appropriate To Wear Wigs To The Office?

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Wigs were rarely perceived as an appropriate fashion accessory until recent times. Back in the day, wigs were limited to crazy costume parties, judges, and actors in the entertainment industry. Today, they are accepted as a fashion forward accessory that can be worn on a daily basis without raising any eyebrows. But one controversy still looms: are wigs appropriate for the office?


The answer is yes. Wearing wigs to the office should not be a big deal for either the employee or the employer. Gone are the days when wigs appeared fake and shabby; these days, you can barely spot a woman who is not sporting her own hair!


Wearing wigs or hair extensions to work can be a big decision for some ladies. However, not everyone has the perfect hair to create fabulous hairstyles every day. Just like the work wardrobe, work hair and makeup should be quick and chic; choosing an easy to install wig can be a great way to save time on hairstyling in the morning.


There are so many work-friendly looks that are achievable with wigs. You could flaunt shorter hair, longer hair, or even some extra volume with versatile synthetic hair. One interesting option is to experiment with your hair color at work; it would be great to show off some highlights without burning your actual hair with dye chemicals. Stay away from flaming reds and pink colors when choosing wigs for work. For trendy styles and shades, try Luxhair NOW wigs or human hair wigs from


You might find it a little daunting to walk in at work with a drastically different hairdo every week. The only issue this proposes is that your co-workers (and your boss!) will know your little wig secret. However, truth is that wearing a wig is not embarrassing anymore, and owning some luxurious wig sets can actually be a status symbol. So, do not shy away from disclosing your wig fetish; you will be applauded for being so fashionably brave.


Do keep in mind that there is a very thin line between looking refined and looking downright disastrous. Avoid loud or inappropriate hairstyles, especially when going to work. Fashion looks best when executed tastefully; use wigs to only enhance your natural beauty, not to transform you into a new person.


If you’re not executing any fashion faux pas with your wigs, there is no harm in wearing them to work. Always try out a look beforehand, so there is no unpleasant surprise on the zero hour. High quality wigs can be easy to style and maintain; you can curl or straighten your synthetic hair to suit your work ensemble.


Wearing wigs is also a great salvage for women who have suffered hair loss. Factors like old age, menopause, disorders, or even medical conditions can cause women to lose hair; in such cases, wigs and hair extensions are very helpful.


Whether you wear wigs for fashion, experimentation, or to cover hair loss; it should always looks fabulous and classy. Remember, a wig is worn best when the other person cannot tell that you’re wearing one; happy styling!

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