Learn The Pros And Cons Of A Social Worker

' In the job markets today, there are various professionals as well as fields to select from. Some of these careers offer higher salaries, while others require

Learn The Pros And Cons Of A Social Worker

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In the job markets today, there are various professionals as well as fields to select from. Some of these careers offer higher salaries, while others require work schedules that are less demanding. Before you decide on a career path it is suggested that you find out about the cons and pros of the different profession. The social work path has grown in popularity and the degrees are on offer from most of the colleges and universities.

The Pros Involved In Becoming A Social Worker

Flexible Workplace

One of the big benefits in the social worker environment is associated with abilities to find a job in various settings. Some social workers even choose to work in prisons whereby they work with the inmates. The choices available in the different working environments allow for a variety of job opportunities. What this means is that a social worker is able to choose a setting that they enjoy the most and allows for a way for them to assist their patients in the best way possible.

Career Outlook

The statistics reveal that the projected outlook for the social workers is increasing. Job markets associated with this field should grow by over 10% and the wages for the social workers that are employed in environments such as schools is set to increase to median salaries of around $50,000.00. What this translates to is that pursuing this particular line of work can mean you are offered with various job opportunities into the near future which is not likely with many other profession types. In the job markets today it is important to look at the types of professions which are showing an improvement in the job outlooks.

An Opportunity To Make A Real Difference

There are not many jobs that you can enter that offer you with the abilities to really make an impact or difference in helping others. The social workers are able to advocate rights for others. Assisting those that really need it is what a social worker is able to achieve daily. The work type can be really rewarding which offers a unique motivation and compensation type when compared to other career types. The typical salary of social workers is not always high, but the work type conducted is meaningful and rewarding. The opportunity to make a significant difference in others lives is truly priceless to a number of individuals.

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The Cons Involved In Becoming A Social Worker

Over and above the various advantages involved in pursuing this career path, you need to be well aware of the downsides. Not all the aspects of the social worker field are a positive. There are some cons linked to this career path that you should be aware of.


The dangers of becoming a social worker are not relevant to all types of social workers but are prevalent for certain employment types. The social workers who decide to work in prisons with inmates or even for the non-profit organizations often have to deal with individuals that are aggressive or violent and are often placed into dangerous situations. In addition, the career of a social worker is getting close and involved in peoples lives which in some cases places the social worker in danger. These risks are very real and the social workers need to be aware of these risks. 

Emotionally Taxing


Becoming a social worker may be recognized as rewarding but at the same time can become incredibly emotionally draining. You may think you have the abilities in being able to help others, but you will find that there are certain individuals that you cannot help or refuse to allow you to help them in a way that you would like. Seeing a client that is suppressed by the legal systems or not having the available resources to help a person can bring about great disappointment. It can often become a difficult task to maintain that level of optimism and hope and the abilities to make that difference when faced with consistent challenges. The emotional downside of this particular career path is unmatched.

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