Stay Happy During Your Job Search: 8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers

Who said job search had to be a huge downer? Not me! For most of us, job search is a part of life. It’s something we all have to deal with at some point – like jury duty.

Stay Happy During Your Job Search: 8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers

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Who said job search had to be a huge downer? Not me! For most of us, job search is a part of life. It’s something we all have to deal with at some point – like jury duty. But that doesn’t mean we can’t allow ourselves to be happy until we find a job. Your job search could take weeks – likely months – and life is just too short be unhappy that whole time!

Yes, it’s possible to be happy AND to be looking for a job. Here are eight habits of happy job seekers:

1. They Make A Strategic Plan Of Attack

It can be difficult to keep focused and stay on track if you don’t have a strategic plan in place for your job search. Think about your goals and what you need to do to accomplish those goals. Get specific. Give yourself deadlines. Make yourself get out of your comfort zone. Having this plan will motivate you to keep moving forward.

2. They Eat Healthy

Make sure you’re eating healthy. A bad diet can contribute to depression and fatigue. Make sure you’re getting your vitamins, eating your greens, and getting your protein.

3. They Get Proper Sleep

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. Staying up all night scouring the job boards while you’re tired and unfocused isn’t going to get you any closer than if you waited to do some research in the morning when you’re refreshed.

If you think you’re feeling blue as a result of exhaustion, take a nap. Like my mom always says, “When you’re tired, everything looks black.” Take a quick snooze and recharge your battery.

4. They Hit Up The Gym

Sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t going to give you the energy and endorphins you need to maintain a happy, focused job search. Dedicate a time each day for exercise. If you have a hard time getting away from your job search tasks, make 30 minutes of daily exercise part of your job search plan.

5. They Soak Up That Sun

Try to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day. A few minutes in the sun can do wonders (it’s especially important during the winter to help you fight off seasonal depression). Not only that, but the fresh air will do you good. So, bundle up and get outside!

6. They Send Thanks

You should always send a thank you note after an interview, but it’s also a great idea to send a good ol’ fashion thank you note to someone this holiday season. No one sends thank you notes anymore, but they’re always a nice thing to receive – and you feel great after you’ve written one for someone. If you start feeling down, thank someone for something they did for you. It will remind you of the support system you have and make you feel good.

7. They Spend Time With People

It’s so easy to alienate yourself during a frustrating job search, but it’s important to make time for family and friends. Schedule coffee dates, movie nights at someone’s house, and walks with friends. Make sure you do things that get you out of the house and hanging out with people a few times a week.

8. They Dance It Out

Create a playlist of all of the songs that make you happy, want to dance, or just make you smile. Avoid the negative, sad songs that bring your mood down. My playlist is simply called “Happy,” and I play it whenever I’m feeling down. It definitely brightens my mood and gets me motivated again. (Songs include: “I Love It” by Icona Pop, “You Are What You Love” by Kelleigh Bannen, and “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift).

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