Why to choose Analytics as your career?

Let us start by asking series of questions before speaking about the top reasons on why to choose Analytics as a career:

Why to choose Analytics as your career?

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Let us start by asking series of questions before speaking about the top reasons on why to choose Analytics as a career:


       “Who does not know that Analytics as a profession has outsmart all the other professions?”

       “Who does not know that acquiring Analytics professionals has become the norm of all the companies?”

       “Who does not know that huge skill gap in Analytics is hampering the companies from meeting their objectives?”

       “Who does not know that the salaries of Analytics professionals is sky-rocketing & arguably the best in the industry?”


The questions asked above are all making rounds in the business world across. These are discussed in all the leading research firms, leading forums & top leaders across the globe reiterate the same.


Humongous Data being generated is shaping the world of data scientists. Demand for data science professionals is rising extremely fast. Advancement in technology and penetration of internet into most remote areas will only increase the demand for analytics professionals exponentially, making this the most lucrative profession the world has ever witnessed.


Myriad questions would be lingering in the mind why such a sudden demand for Analytics professionals. The reason is simple and straight – Digitalization. All the businesses across the domains and industries are getting digitalized and thereby resulting in huge transactional data. 90% of the data is generated in the last couple of years since the inception of mankind. In order to analyze such a huge data and enable business decisions, devise marketing strategies the need for analytics professionals is increasing in leaps and bounds. The discrepancy between the demand and supply is creating a major employment gap and creating career opportunities for analytical professionals. As per Mckinsey, by 2018, there will be a shortage of 1.5 million Analytics professionals in the US alone


Being a part of a niche community of data analytics will ensure that you draw crazy salaries. Along with the much spoken high salaries, the job itself poses a lot of business challenges, which are not addressed thus far. This will make you pioneer in the business world. This profession commands a lot of respect because of dearth of skills in the market. This profession will hone your skills in both business & technical arenas, making you the most sort after person to climb the corporate ladder.


One should posses the skills on Statistical Analysis, Forecasting (Time-series), Data Mining (Supervised & Unsupervised) & Data Visualization to be a successful analytics person. The huge demand for freshers having these skills is a boon for the job market. However, getting trained at any institute will not provide you sufficient edge. Getting trained by experts in this profession is a challenge most training organizations facing. In the wake of these challenges, Premier training institutes and academic institutions like ExcelR, Harvard University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) etc. have up the capabilities to provide world-class training in business analytics by including all the courses, which are in demand in the industry. Go grab the amazing opportunity to craft your career to success! Have the first mover advantage.




Author is Mr.Ram, Senior Data Scientist  of ExcelR. He is an alumnus of premier institutes like Indian Insttitute of Management (IIM) .



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