5 Smart Ways To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

During my first months of using LinkedIn back in 2007, it often seemed like I was trying to make my voice heard above others with MUCH bigger microphones!

5 Smart Ways To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

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During my first months of using LinkedIn back in 2007, it often seemed like I was trying to make my voice heard above others with MUCH bigger microphones!

When you’re not visible, you’re not seeing much in the way of new connections and engagement from others. At the same time, you’re trying to build out your network (tip: minimum 100 direct connections, shoot for 501+ as ultimate goal), so that you can place yourself in a position to vet a steady stream of opportunities arising within your tribe.

Here Are 5 Of The Most Effective Things You Can Do To Get Noticed On LinkedIn:

1. Create A LinkedIn Group That Caters To Your Target Audience.

For example, if you’re an expert at promoting and marketing startups, why not create a Start-up Marketing Q&A Group or similar, and regularly check in to pose and answer questions, share content, and generally establish yourself as a “go to” in the field? You can then cross-promote your answers across your other social media channels.

2. Master Status Updates With This Strategy.

At least 20 updates per month to maximize reach. According to LinkedIn, you will reach approximately 60% or more of your unique audience each month by hitting this baseline. You can use a service like Buffer to schedule posts in advance (a godsend).

The most visible post 3-4 times per day.

Content-wise, mix it up, track the results, and then go heavy on the one or two types that deliver the most results. Ideas: industry news, job-related tips/hacks/editorial, asking questions, sharing quotes (easy and always appreciated!), participating in LinkedIn Group discussions, sharing updates on what your network’s up to.

3. Visit And Join Open Networking Groups (Top LinkedIn, LION, And So On).

Also run searches for “LinkedIn super-connectors”: connecting with just a few of them will increase your network by leaps and bounds!

4. Endorse At Least 15 Network Members Weekly For Their Top Skill Sets.

People like to feel valued. They like to feel that someone took a moment to vouch for them. And most importantly, they like to return the favor. Expect a rise in endorsements for your top skills as well, which improves visibility.

5. LinkedIn Summary=Elevator Pitch.

Directly address your audience. Are you generating sales leads? Looking to secure media/PR opportunities? Do you need an executive recruiter on the West Coast? Tailor it towards the people who can help you most. Bullet points work, passion and being genuine works, and the MOST VISIBLE frame their story in a way that directly relates to what they do. Offer a CLEAR PATH to engage (email, phone, website).

One last tip: the more frequently you engage across multiple areas (ex. status updates + networking groups + endorsements), the more of a “ripple effect” in terms of your overall visibility. Get into the habit of scheduling LinkedIn engagement into your workday (mornings are the best time in terms of site activity) to see fast results.



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Anish Majumdar, CEO of ResumeOrbit.com is an executive resume writer, LinkedIn expert, and interview coach. He has helped thousands of job seekers land 6 and 7-figure positions through strong career platforms and breakthrough search strategies. His articles have appeared in leading industry publications and some of the most influential career advice websites today.

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