Learn How Using Instagram Can Pay Off Professionally

' Do you want to make strides with your career? The following four tips will show you how to use Instagram to achieve your goals. #1. Look Up Companies Look

Learn How Using Instagram Can Pay Off Professionally

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Do you want to make strides with your career? The following four tips will show you how to use Instagram to achieve your goals.

#1. Look Up Companies

Look up companies that you think would be a good match for you. Visit their website and spend some time browsing. Check out their social media profiles. The more you read, the more you will learn about what is important to the company. These are facts that you need to know if you eventually want to become an employee.

Once you have done your research, find the company and some of the high ranking executives on Instagram. Look over what they post, and take advantage of any opportunity to interact with the company. For example, they may have an event that is open to the public. You need to be aware of these things.

Keep your profile professional; make sure you do not include anything that would reflect badly on you. As you start to follow people on Instagram, they may check you out as well. The pictures you post and the information you share should showcase the kind of person you are.

#2. Interact

The point of social media is for people to interact with one another. Therefore, you need to engage with whoever you are following on Instagram. Like pictures. Ask questions. Get involved in conversations. You never know who you might have an opportunity to speak with in the company. You may also be able to make connections on other social media accounts as a result of what you are doing on Instagram. For example, LinkedIn is a great platform as well, especially if you have professional aspirations.

When you ask intelligent questions and engage in meaningful conversations, you increase the chances that the company will begin to recognize and respect you. If you are able to show off your strengths during these interactions, they may even see you as a leader. Who knows where that could eventually take you career wise.

#3. Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags are important on Instagram, and you will quickly notice that the companies you are following use hashtags as well. If you want the company to one day see your account, incorporate their hashtags in your post. Make sure they are relevant to your picture, however. Also, you dont want to use too many hashtags, because the result could look a little spammy. Keeping it to around three should be sufficient.

Companies periodically check to see if people are using their hashtags and look to determine what they are talking about. If they stumble on one of your posts, you want to show them that you have what it takes to be an employee. Be professional. Speak intelligently and make good points. And remember, none of this will happen overnight. You have to be persistent and use Instagram on a regular basis if you want to see results.

#4. Showcase Your Talents


You dont want to go overboard, but you do want to show the company why you would be a valuable employee. Instagram is visual; post pictures of what you are currently working on. Upload images that show you in a professional capacity. Buy some likes and views here and there from Vibbi to make things look popular. Be honest, but dont be afraid to talk yourself up just a little. Watch the cheese factor; make sure that whatever you post is sincere. Cultivate Instagram relationships and you never know where your connections could take you one day.


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